Joyce Ametor Kporvie is the CEO/Founder of Inicio BD Company Limited.

She holds a BSc degree in Agriculture with specialization in Post-Harvest Technology and Agribusiness from the University of Ghana (UG). She holds an MBA in Project Management and MSc Development Finance from GIMPA and UG respectively. She has a fervent objective of developing specific analytical skills set and for that reason pursued career development programs at Yale School of Management (Executive Education), Fox School of Business at Temple University (Certificate Program, International Business) and MIT Sloan School of Business (Certificate Program, Implementing Enterprise-Wide Transformation program).

She is passionate about what she eats and supports the ‘’great food transformation’’ agenda which enables substantial dietary shifts and sustainable food production systems. Aside being a practical person, she also loves research related to post harvest losses for which she published a paper in IOSR Journal of Agriculture  and Veterinary Science(IOSR-JAVS) which discusses the significance of reducing post-harvest losses as a vehicle for making more food available thus reducing hunger and poverty. The document can be found in the link here.