Inicio BD Company Limited (ICL) is a business development company which seeks to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters and buyers to participate in more sustainable production and trade.

About Us:
Founded and led by a passionate young woman, Inicio BD Company Limited champions sustainable production and trade. The "BD" in our name stands for Business Development Services, reflecting our core offerings: business advisory, advocacy, and trade support. Rooted in the belief that food nourishes beyond the physical, we are making significant strides in both farming and value addition.

Our Farms:
Located in Dzodze, Volta region, we cultivate a diverse range of crops:
  • Coconut
  • Maize
  • Yam
  • Cowpea
  • Ginger

Processing & Packaging:
We transform raw ginger into premium ginger powder, meeting culinary and health needs. Our packaged offerings also include:
  • Turmeric-Cassava Gari
  • Pure Cassava Gari
  • Chilli Powder
  • Okra Powder

To be globally recognized for our commitment to quality, service, and value.

  • Elevate product quality and value for our clientele.
  • Drive innovation and growth for small businesses.

  • Service: We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring they feel valued and trust our products.
  • Integrity: Respect is foundational, guiding our interactions with customers, employees, and the broader community.
  • Quality: Committed to delivering only the best, we bridge trust between Inicio BD and our clientele.

Currently the company has five permanent workers of which two of them are women. We have a seasoned agronomist, Marketing officer, Operations officer and a farm Manager.



Joyce Ametor Kporvie is the CEO/Founder of Inicio BD Company Limited.

Overview of tendering and contract awards. Understanding contracts. Formal and informal contractual documents. The specification and scope of work. Recognizing where the contract risk lie. Tools and techniques to manage contract risks.

The Course includes

2 Sections

7 Lessons

Agripreneur of the Year -Ghana

  •  10/26/2022 08:13 AM

Agripreneur of the year - 2022

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Postharvest Food Losses: The Missing Link in Poverty Reduction

  •  09/04/2022 10:18 PM

This paper discusses the significance of reducing postharvest losses as a vehicle for making more food available and thus reduce hunger and poverty. Food losses have become a big challenge and a serious threat to attaining food security.

7 min read
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